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Howard is our FA Engineer based in Houston, TX. Read his articles below or discuss your power supply design requirements with him.

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Ways to Raise LED Lighting System Efficiency

Need a higher efficiency LED driver for QPL?


LED_street_lights"Howard, I need an LED driver with 95% power efficiency, yesterday!"

Slow down, my dear lighting product engineer. You are not the only one sending this sudden request to Amperor. With the recent increase of the efficiency requirement of QPL (Qualified Products List) published by DLC (DesignLights Consortium), people are seeking new ways to raise the system power efficiency. Of course, the LED driver is the first item in line for review.

We know it is necessary to get your product listed in the QPL so that your customers can be qualified for rebates, tax breaks, etc. You earn your business by helping your customers save money, right? Please go through the below process to find your solution. But remember that the efficiency on the LED driver cannot be raised dramatically overnight. It is better to stick with the matured technology for better pricing and reliability.

48V_Constant_Current_LED_DriverStep 1: If you are using a constant voltage LED driver, please consider abandoning the standard 12V and switch to the 48V option. Generally speaking, the efficiency of the power supply moves up when its output voltage increases. This is particularly true for the Class 2 constant voltage solution. You can expect to see a 4 - 5% improvement with the efficiency approaching 90% if you pick a well designed power supply, such as the ANP90-48P.

Step 2: The next block to review is the on-board constant current regulator. If you are using a constant voltage LED driver, there must be a constant current generator on your LED strings / arrays / modules. You need to pick one that can accept the 48V input DC voltage. Also if the target of your system efficiency is 70%, you need to make sure the constant current generator has approximately 80% efficiency. The reason for this is explained in the following equation.

By multiplying the (LED driver efficiency) by (on-board constant current generator efficiency), you can estimate the system efficiency. (ANP90-48P: 90%) X (onboard constant current generator: 80%) = 72%. You can see that this option hits your goal of 70%+ efficiency.

Step 3: If you cannot find the right LED strings / arrays / modules that accept 48V and achieve 80% efficiency, it is time to consider implementing a constant current LED driver. By converting AC power directly to the constant current source, you can reduce one stage of the power conversion (from AC to constant voltage). You can also cut energy waste in that stage. The existing constant current LED driver can easily reach 85% efficiency. Please check out our ANP130 and ANP132 series. We have also some products in development that can further push the efficiency to 90%.

Please contact us if you still have questions regarding improving light product efficiency. Our engineers are capable and happy to help you reach your goal.




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